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Penelope Anstice

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Bull Mastifs

Bull Mastifs

King Charles Spaniel

King Charles Spaniel


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Portfolio for Penelope Anstice - Commissionaportrait

Born in Scotland in 1962 and trained at Edinburgh College of Art, Penelope has worked extensively abroad. She has lived in Italy and The Netherlands and has made painting trips to India, Morocco, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Her pet portraits are strongly influenced by the constantly changing tapestry of life, light and colour which such countries present. She has exhibited her dog and cat portraits widely throughout Britain and in the Netherlands. Penelope paints her pet portraits in oil and watercolour and has taught watercolour both privately and for the Inniemore School of Painting on Mull. She undertakes a wide variety of commissions.
Birth date   1962
Education   Edinburgh College of Art
Selected Commissions   Penelope has painted dogs for many satisfied owners these include;  
The Duchess of Argyll  
Sir James Cayzer  
Sir Murray Naylor
Group Exhibitions   2001 - Michael Parkin, London  
1996-2001 - Great Western Studios biannual open studios  
2000 - Quantum Contemporary at Sothebys.  
1999-2000 - The Kiln Gallery, London  
1999-2000 - The Affordable Art Fair, London  
1999 - Lena Boyle Fine Art at the 'Art on Paper Falr'  
Quantum Contemporary at The Chelsea Harbour Club  
1998-99 - Quantum Contemporary at Whiteleys  
1998-99 - Kensington & Chelsea Artists Exhibition  
1998 - Michael Parkin Gallery, London  
The Air Gallery, Dover Street  
Quantum Contemporary at The Galler, Cork Street  
1995-98 - Aberdona Gallery, Alloa  
1995-96 - Atholl Gallery,Dunkeld  
1995 - The Firth Gallery, Edinburgh  
National Arts Collection Fund, Contemporary Scottish Artists  
Logie Steading, Morayshire  
1994 - Annual Art Festival, Haarlem  
Galerie Baumhaus, Edam  
Selected Artists , Keathbank Mill  
1992-94 - Various joint shows, 'Art Moves', Amsterdam  
1988-92 - 'Art for Youth', The Mall Galleries  
1989-91 - The Studio Gallery, London  
1988 - Sue Rankin Gallery, London  
Flying Colours Gallery, Edinburgh
Solo Exhibitions   2001 - V &A (Friend's Room)  
2000 - Wrightson and Co. N. Yorks  
1994 - 'Art Moves', Amsterdam  
1991 - Piers Feetham Gallery, London  
1987 - The Blue Parrot Gallery, Edinburgh
Artist's Statement   "My paintings are done in watercolour. I choose this medium for animals as it is very expressive and its qualities can portray the sheen on a dog's coat or the light in his eye. My aim is to capture the character. To do this I concentrate on the eyes as this is where all the expression lies. No two black labradors are ever the same, I strive to get a very good likeness."

Statement      Penelope Anstice will do paintings from photographs. If possible she likes to take the photographs herself but if this is not possible then she has worked successfully from pictures of animals she has not met. The artist needs good images to work from, taken outside in good light. Good colour definition and detail of eyes are essential. Time scale is about a fortnight to get a picture completed, depending on work load.  
Penelope does not frame but is happy to offer advice on framing.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
AnimalsFrom 600 $845
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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