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Francisco Centofanti

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Sir Wilfred Thesiger

Sir Wilfred Thesiger


Mr and Mrs Bray

Mr and Mrs Bray

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Portfolio for Francisco Centofanti - Commissionaportrait

Francisco Centofanti a graduate of the Florence Academy is an exciting portrait painter and artist who has won may awards for his portraiture.
Birth date   1976
Education   Wadhurst College, East Sussex, A Level Art  
Chelsea Art School, London, Foundation Course  
City and Guilds College of Art, London, 1St year Fine Art Degree  
Private Studies with Norman Blamey, RA, Observational drawing  
Florence Academy of Art, Italy, Three year drawing and painting course
Awards   2003 The Carroll Foundation Award, The Royal Society of Portrait Painters
Selected Commissions   Mr and Mrs Tony Frazer-Price, London  
Mr and Mrs Nick Schakleton, London  
Mr and Mrs Nicolas Fry, London  
Mr Tom Busha, London  
Mr and Mrs Thomas, London  
Mr and Mrs Andrew Collins, London  
Mr and Mrs D. Schaefer, Kent  
Sr & Sra Manuel Llobet Flaque, Barcelona, Spain  
Sra Jessica Storey, Buenos Aires, Argentina  
Mr and Mrs Ben Gtimm, Virginia, USA  
Mr and Mrs Daubitz, Boston, USA  
Dr and Mrs J Eindhorn, Chicago, USA
Group Exhibitions   1994 - Trinity Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK  
1995 - Chelsea Art School, London, UK, End of year show  
1996 - City and Guilds College of Art, London, UK, End of year show  
1998 - Florence Academy Florence, Italy, End of year show  
1999 - Florence Academy, Florence, Italy, Final year show  
1999 - Royall Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, UK  
1999 - Revel Gallery, New York, NY, USA  
2000 - Revel Gallery, New York, NY, USA  
2000 - Royall Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, UK  
2000 - BP Portrait Award Finalist, National Portrait Gallery, London, UK  
2000 - BP Portrait Award, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Scotland
Solo Exhibitions   1999 - Gallery Fourty Seven, Bloomsbury, London, UK
Artist's Statement   "I believe in using traditional techniques to convey people and their surroundings in a modern way. I was trained to study nature accurately and this is an essential element in all my portraits. At the same time, I think it is important to combine observational skills with an approach to understand and capture the sitter's personality."

Statement      The first session will usually be spent discussing the portrait, setting up the pose and finding a setting where the light is good and the sitter is comfortable. Then, depending on the scale of the commission, it can take from 5 to 14 sittings of 3 hours each,  
Both the sitter and I are working, in a way, and it is important for both of us to be relaxed. As the portrait progresses, one can familiarise oneself with the sitter, and this inevitably will enter the painting in subtle ways.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Head and Shoulders   From £ 3000    $4500
Half LengthFrom £ 5000 $7500
3/4 LengthFrom £ 7000 $1050
Full LengthFrom £ 10000 $15000
Double PortraitFrom £ 12500 $18000
Group PortraitFrom £ 20000 $30000
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
Pat Williams, former art writer and art lecturer at St Martinís College, at his one-man show in 1999. -  
"For a young artist who has just completed his studies, the skills on show are full of the promise of a growing talent"  
What's On Guide, The Courier, Kent -  
"Francisco Centofanti's oil on canvas double portrait entitled Mr and Mrs Bray 2000 is on show at the National Portrait Gallery in London as Finalist in the BP Amoco Portrait Award exhibition....Centofanti is the fifth youngest painter to be chosen from a record 800 entries for the BP Amoco Portrait Award"  
Panni Davidhazy, Designer, after his group show at the Revel Gallery in New York -  
"His work shows the skills and technique acquired at the Florence Academy and the esthetic force of his Italian blood rooted in Art, combined with a naturally vibrant use of colour that restores in us, spectators, the sense of order for so long absent from painting....We welcome this renaissance young man with great hope"