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Nicholas Pace

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Portfolio for Nicholas Pace - Commissionaportrait

Nicholas Pace grew up in Australia where he first dveloped his interest in Wildlife. He trained at the Gloucestershire College of Art and Design (Cheltenham) and at the University of London. He was awarded an Elzabeth Greenshields Scholarship (Canada). Nicholas is now a freelance artist specialising in wildlife and as a lecturer, he often gives talks at the National Gallery, London. His work is represented in private and corporate collections in Europe, the United States and Hong Kong. He has exhibited throughout the United Kingdom, including the Royal Academy.
Education   University of London, Post-Graduate Study; Gloucestershire College of Art & Design; Bristol Polytechnic. Awarded Elizabeth T. Greenshields Painting Scholarship  
Awarded travel bursary, Gloucestershire College
Selected Commissions   (1996-2000) Work sold regularly through Christies, London (twice annually)  
(1998) Bonhams 'Wildlife expo' Singapore  
(1995) Winner, Raw Gallery Painting competition  
(1990-2000) Painting to private commissions, freelance  
(1988) Major commission of paintings for Butterfield Club, Hong Kong
Group Exhibitions   Bolton Museum & Art Gallery (2002)  
Animal, ArtSway, Hampshire (2001)  
Castle Museum & art Gallery, Nottingham (2001)  
The Natural History Museum, London (2001)
Solo Exhibitions   The Jerwood Drawing Prize, National touring exhibition (2005)  
Drawing, London/Chicago, The Stray Show, Chicago (2005)  
Thinking the Unthinkable, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland (2005)  
Captive Bred, The Yard Gallery, Wollaton Hall, Nottingham (2003)  
The National Wildlife Museum, Jackson Hole, USA (2003)  
Framing the Wild, University of Wyoming Art Museum, USA (2002-3)
Artist's Statement   My work is a nostalgicniew of a world that, even in my early childhood, was still substantially unspoiled and is something by way of an homage to 17th and 18th Century animal and bird painters, ie., Desportes, Bogdani, Oudry and Barraband. These artist have always fascinated me with their extraordinary, if sometimes bizarre arrangements of disparate creatures. My aim is to recapture that almost naive delight when encountering an unfamiliar species.

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