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Nick Somerville

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for sale
Amanda £950.00
Sidney Running

for sale
Sidney Running £1400.00

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Nell £950.00
Leo and Charly

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Leo and Charly £1400.00

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Sidney £950.00
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Portfolio for Nick Somerville - Commissionaportrait

The visual world and its representation through the aid of the camera has long been the foundation for my paintings, with the latest series of work exploring the relationship people have with their animals, loved ones and the places that surround them. The paintings produced are intended to act as a direct comment on the subject, and the way they are seen through the aid of the camera. By transcribing these images into paintings, an added level of scrutiny and evaluation occurs, commenting more on just the mere visual appearance that the camera provides, Through the selection and manipulation of the original photograph, I intend to capture the spirit of what is seen, providing a personal and emotional response to the subjects.
Birth date   1977
Education   1996-2000 BA (hons) Fine Art, Coventry University  
1995-1996 Foundation Studies, Chelsea School of Art and Design
Group Exhibitions   2001 Christmas Show, CCA Galleries, London  
Gallery Q2, London  
'Discerning Eye', The Mall Gallery, London  
'Affordable Art Fair', Battersea Park, London  
Wimbledon Theatre, London  
'Fresh Art' London  
'Affordable Art Fair' Bath  
2000 'Holy Cow II', Clapham Art Gallery, London  
'Tar' Works Art Gallery, Birmingham
Solo Exhibitions   2002- 'Snap' Clapham Art Gallery, London

Statement      Due to the very nature of my work, I only work from photographs. Preferably I would take the images myself, enabling me to capture the personality of the sitter, and to achieve a more informal, well composed painting. This can either be done at my studio in Wimbledon, or I could travel to the client anywhere in the world. Travel expenses and accommodation would be charged to the client at a cost outside that of the commission.  
If the client is unable to meet, it is also possible to undertake a painting from his or her own personal photo collection. This would involve sending me a collection of high quality photographs, one of which should have the qualities, which I would usually respond to, in terms of light, colour and personality.  
The time scale to produce a painting can take from anything from a few days too a few months, depending on scale and complexity.  
My paintings are usually best left unframed.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
AnimalsFrom 1000 $1500
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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