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Aldo Balding

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Lady Laura Paul

Lady Laura Paul

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Portfolio for Aldo Balding - Commissionaportrait

Aldo Balding is a talented portrait artist and painter, he works very well with children and young adults. His portrait have a fresh modern appeal. Along with his portraits Aldo paints genre scenes and landscapes.
Education   1983-1985 Southampton College Faculty of Design - Diploma in Illustration
Awards   2001 Winner of International Artist Award (catagory people)  
2001 Very highly commended at the Chichester Open  
2004 First prize NSE exhibition  
2004 ARC Salon Finalist  
2006 ARC Salon Finalist
Selected Commissions   Aldo Balding has completed commissions for the following clients;  
HSBC Bank  
Peter Alliss  
Ernie Els  
Lady Laura Paul  
Mr.Rom Rombouts  
Mr.Bruno Belloc  
Mr.John Fairley  
The Sunday Times Culture Magazine  
Mr. and Mrs.Burnett.  
Mr.Andrew Motion  
Mr.Andrew Pears  
Mr.Peter Taylor  
Mr. and Mrs.Simon Lewis  
Ms.Leyla Cook  
Miss Pears winner 1996  
Guinness Worldwide  
Tia Maria  
The feature film 'What's Cooking'  
The Royal Mail  
The feature film 'The Adventures of Don Quixote'
Group Exhibitions   2011 Royal Society of Portrait painters  
2010 The discerning eye  
2010 Royal Society of Portrait painters  
2009 Great American Figure Painters ,Waterhouse gallery  
2009 Royal Society of Portrait painters  
2008 Great American Figure Painters Waterhouse gallery  
Frieder Burda Museum permanent collection  
2007 Royal Society of Portrait painters  
2006 Royal Society of Portrait Painters  
2005 Royal Society of Portrait painters,Mall Galleries  
2004 W H Pattersons select seven  
2003 Royal Society of Portrait painters,Mall Galleries  
2002 Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Mall Galleries, London  
2002 Group Show at the Hicks Gallery, London  
2001 Medici Gallery Summer Show  
2000 BP Portrait Awards at the National Portrait Gallery, London
Solo Exhibitions   2011 Christopher moller art , Cape Town  
2010 Catto gallery  
2008 Cattogallery  
2007 Catto gallery  
2006 Catto Gallery  
2006 Alexander gallery  
Frieder Burda Museum permanent collection
Artist's Statement   I strive to capture the sitter in likeness and character in the most exact way .

Statement      Internationally I normally paint a 4 hour study from life take numerous photographs and complete the commission in my studio.If time permits I will paint the entire portrait from life.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From 1100    $1900
  Head and Shoulders   From 2750    $4400
Half LengthFrom 3750 $6800
3/4 LengthFrom 5500 $8200
Full LengthFrom 4950 $9700
Double PortraitFrom 3850 $6900
Group PortraitFrom 6000 $11800
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
Brian Sewell on Aldo Balding's painting of 'Marcus' one of six paintings shortlisted by Brian Sewell at the B.P. 2001 Portrait Awards;  
"Aldo Balding gives us an informal image with the weight of a formal portrait, neatly emphatic where it matters"  
"'Dean' won an assurance that there is still some decent portrait painting"  
"Aldo has a very fine talent.In a matter of minutes he manages to capture the subject and mood perfectly" Peter Alliss