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Monica Janssens

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Decorative Screen

Decorative Screen
Interior Mural

Interior Mural
Trompe L'Oeil

Trompe L'Oeil
Painted Nursery Furniture

Painted Nursery Furniture
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Portfolio for Monica Janssens - Commissionaportrait

Monica Janssens has always been passionate about interiors and colour. As a child she used to love looking at the all the different shades of nail polish lined up on the beauty counters and it is only since she started working as a muralist that she found out why. Now the nail varnish bottles have been replaced with paint pots. Monica is a decorative artist with a wealth of experience in her field. This has included work on television and a considerable number of private and commercial commissions for murals (both internal and external),trompe l'oeil and paint effects, as well as other decorative painting projects for walls, floors, fabrics and furniture. Commissions have included the following styles: Tuscan, Ancient Rome, English country, French Provençal, Scandinavian, Ancient Egyptian, Eighteenth Century, Louis XIV, Charleston, abstract and surreal. Children's nurseries are also a speciality. Entire rooms and furniture painted in different themes can be achieved such as Beatrix Potter, Harry Potter, Flower Fairies, Walt Disney and other children's classics and less well-known subjects. Apart from trompe-l'oeil, murals and paint effects, Monica also paints, distresses and antiques individual pieces of furniture. Plagiarism and pastiche are other favourites. Famous paintings can be copied or adapted into special projects for clients. Monica practiced law for five years before deciding to follow her family's footsteps - her mother is a fine artist and actress while her brother is a stage designer - and set up her own business as a decorative artist three years ago. She studied art with her mother and trained as a muralist with an experienced professional.
Artist's Statement   Monica believes passionately in the power of paint - its ability to transform and create beauty in our surroundings. She always puts the client first by interpreting their requirements and aspirations and translating them into imaginative yet practical, cost-effective designs through a blend of knowledge, experience, creative skills, design sense and colour flair. Because of her business background she understands the importance of adhering to budgetary and time constraints as well as the need to provide a professional, efficient service.

Statement      An obligation free quotation is provided at the venue of the prospective client's project. This ensures that all factors such as size, content, any preparatory work necessary, specific requirements and artists ideas, if needed, can be evaluated in order to arrive at an accurate quotation.  
If the client goes ahead then a working drawing of the proposed project is then prepared - usually in watercolours - and submitted to the client for approval. Any necessary modifications or additions are incorporated. The preparatory painting will be given to the client on completion of the project.  
Monica Janssens charges £280 per day inclusive of VAT. This excludes the cost of any materials such as paint, varnish, primer etc. which need to be purchased to carry out the commission which are charged to the client at trade prices.  
Travelling expenses will also be charged to the client in relation to locations outside the M25 corridor.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
(price per square foot)
From £ 70 $140
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
Evening Standard ES magazine;  
"Monica Janssens paints beautiful murals,trompe-l'oeil and paint effects for interiors"  
Homes & Property Magazine;  
"This inventive artist has ideas for....places where you can bring the outside in"