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James Hunt

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Woman In A Blue Silk Dress

Woman In A Blue Silk Dress
Sigisbert IV.

Sigisbert IV.
Woman in Evening Dress

Woman in Evening Dress

Man In Velasquez Costume

Man In Velasquez Costume
Ms Al-Shaikhly

Ms Al-Shaikhly
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Portfolio for James Hunt - Commissionaportrait

James Hunt lives and works in Kent. He studied at the Kent Institute of Art and Design although he left being rather disappointed with the Institute's focus on abstract art over traditional figurative art. He is heavily influenced by the work of Caravaggio which is evident in his intensely atmospheric work. James overcame a serious car accident and illness to recently begin portrait painting as a career. He is now Art Director of the Annual Arts Festival in his hometown of Ramsgate in Kent. He has a number of exhibitions lined up for this, his first fully professional year, including solo exhibitions in Canterbury. He is soon to begin exhibiting in Australia.
Education   Kent Institute of Art & Design in Canterbury, England
Artist's Statement   My main inspiration for painting was, and still is, Caravaggio. There is something about his level of no-nonsense realism that always excites me, and although I now admire a wide range of artists, both old and new, I seem to really enjoy my painting best when I am back doing what I originally did which is capturing what I see and simply trying to be as realistic as possible. Personally, I have never felt the need to dally with any ephemeral or arcane methods of obtaining a good likeness; I merely paint what I see with a great deal of concentration and hard work in order to try and reach the high standards I have set for myself; the shape of everybody's individual features, the real and often surprising colours of the skin, the effect of different lights on everybody's face, hands, neck, hair etc. are only given cogency in my opinion with the paint on the end of one's brush. And therein, I think, lies solely the manner in which a good artist creates something which is so much more than a photograph; in the intense and personal endeavour to bring that other person to life only in paint, where once there was just blank canvas.

Statement      A bust/head and shoulders normally seems to take me around 6-8 hours at the minimum, if pushed I can probably manage to do the face and shoulders during one working day.  
How long a half or full body portrait takes me depends largely on the materials of the clothes the sitter is wearing, and whether or not he or she requires photo-realism or a more sketchy, impressionistic style or somewhere on the dial in between.  
I have worked an lot from photos so I feel very confident in getting the best from them. I do like, however, to discuss with the client what sort of photo works best as a painting, and if possible it does help if there is a range to choose from. I like people to sit as long as they can because I find once the sitter is moved, he or she is rarely ever very comfortable again for the duration of that day.  
I can carry out framing or at least offer to do the framing using reputable contacts (Lovelys near me has been around since the late 19th century).


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Head and Shoulders   From 1500    $2100
Half LengthFrom 2000 $2800
3/4 LengthFrom 3000 $4200
Full LengthFrom 4000 $5600
Double PortraitFrom 2500 $3500
Group PortraitFrom 4000 $5600
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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