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Astrid Ruddick

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Chekov, Jasmine and Bumble

Chekov, Jasmine and Bumble
The Maritime Moggies

The Maritime Moggies
Dressed For Dinner

Dressed For Dinner
Oriental Ensemble

Oriental Ensemble
Glamour Pusses

Glamour Pusses
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Portfolio for Astrid Ruddick - Commissionaportrait

Astrid graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Painting from Nottingham Polytechnic in 1991, having previously attended Norwich School Of Art. Previous work was of a figurative nature, using oils, acrylics and other drawing media. Astrid has always had an interest in natural history, in particular birds and animals. A love of cats has led to her specialising in feline portraiture as well as entering the world of the cat show with success.
Awards   Astrid was a founder member of The Society of Feline Artists, formed in September 1994. She has held posts on the S.O.F.A Committee, including General Secretary since it began. She was also on its Selection Committee in the Society’s early days.  
Woodmansterne Publications and Elgin Court have published her work as greetings cards.
Solo Exhibitions   She was also on its Selection Committee in the Society’s early days.  
She exhibited at the National Cat Club Show at Olympia, London, in December 1994, which was the debut exhibition of The Society of Feline Artists. Since then, she has exhibited at Llewellyn Alexander (Fine Paintings), in Waterloo, London, firstly in September 1996 and for the last 15 years. She will be doing so again for their annual Society of Feline Artists Exhibition from August-September this year. Other previous exhibitions were with The Society of Feline Artists at Patchings Art Centre in Nottinghamshire in 1997, The Clifton Gallery in Bristol in 1999, the Best in Show exhibition in Kensington, London, at the Walton Gallery in association with in 2002, and The Little Picture Gallery in Mousehole, Cornwall, in 2007. The Little Picture Gallery currently hold some of her work.
Artist's Statement   Many of her works feature Devon Rex and Siamese cats for which she has a particular passion. Her work is currently executed in acrylic medium on paper.  
Astrid accepts commissions for quality cat paintings and portraits.  
She has undertaken many commissions and has now sold work internationally too, as she completed a specially commissioned cat portrait for a resident of Mumbai, India, in 2009.

Statement      Astrid requires at least 10 very clear photographs of the cat or of each cat if it is more than one. These should include the cat's face at eyelevel, preferably without the use of flash, which usually distorts eye colour. More photographs rather than less is always best. Photographs can be in the form of prints or jpegs on a CD-R. A brief description of any special characteristics of the cat is helpful. For example a picture of a favourite cushion etc. can help determine the setting/background of the portrait. Or for a cat that likes to spend much of his time in the garden, knowing which kinds of plants are favoured by the owner in the garden will be helpful. Astrid works in acrylic medium on paper.  
Framing: Work is framed in the artist's choice of frame, unless the client wishes to choose their own frame - in which case the work will be presented unframed.


Travel nationally    No
Travel internationally    No
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Portrait Format:
AnimalsFrom £ 800 $1200
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
She has been featured in several magazines including The Artist, The Lady and The Leisure Painter.