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Etienne Millner

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Edith Wheeler LVO

Edith Wheeler LVO
Oliver Mould

Oliver Mould
Rumer Godden

Rumer Godden
Henry Lakin

Henry Lakin
Dr. Donald Woodgate

Dr. Donald Woodgate
Lord Harris of Peckham

Lord Harris of Peckham
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Portfolio for Etienne Millner - Commissionaportrait

Goldsmith's College when Etienne was a student in the 1970s was a hot bed of artistic talent both conceptual and figurative. Among the teaching staff was Ivor Roberts Jones, best known for his Winston Churchill sculpture in Parliament Square. It was his inspiring teaching which set Etienne on a quest to explore all the sculptural possibilities of the human figure. Etienne knew he would never cease to be fascinated by the possibilities of portrait sculpture. Commissions have included monumental portraiture, figure groups, busts of politicians, writers, musicians, and his well known portraits of children. Among them are Sir Lennox Berkeley, Lord and Lady Harris of Peckham, Toyah Willcox, Adrian Daintrey, Viscount Whitelaw, Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck, Lord Thurlow, Rumer Godden, Sir Derek Alun Jones, Oliver Mould and Lord Settrington. Works are in the following collections: National Portrait Gallery; Harris Manchester College, Oxford; Wellington College; Goodwood House; Weston Foundation; Longford Castle; Daily Mail; and numerous private collections at home and abroad.Exhibitions include Royal Academy Summer Exhibitions, Royal Society of Portrait Painters Peoples Portraits 2000, New Faces at the NPG and one man show at Cadogan Contemporary.
Introduction   Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors  
Vice President of the Society of Portrait Sculptors
Education   1972-76 Goldsmiths College  
1977-80 Royal Academy Schools
Awards   1976 British Institution Fund for Sculpture  
1978 Edward Landseer Prize for Sculpture and Silver Medal  
1979 Edward Landseer Travelling Scholarship
Selected Commissions   Lord Harris of Peckham collection National Portrait Gallery  
Lady Harris of Peckham and The Hon. Charles Harris  
Capt. Charles Harris M.C.,life-size statue for Harris Manchester College, Oxford  
Rumer Godden (novelist)  
Lord Thurlow (former Governor of the Bahamas)  
Toyah Willcox (singer)  
Sir Derek Alun-Jones (Managing Director, Ferranti)  
Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck for Wellington College  
Sir Lennox Berkeley, (composer) for Chester Music  
Adrian Daintrey (painter)  
Edith Wheeler LVO  
Mr Jock Mackenzie, (Chairman London and Northern Group)  
Mr James Barker, (Managing Director London and Northern Group)  
Mr Dudley Johnston (Chairman Border Engineering Group)  
Capt. David Johnston, M.C. (Founder and Chairman Border Engineering Group)  
Mr Guy Millner, (Managing Director BEC Plant Ltd)  
Mr Thomas Golightly, (Chairman Northern Land Group)  
Foxy Darby, (architect/interior designer)  
The Hon. Roxanne Laird Craig  
Mr Michael Holden  
Dr. Donald Woodgate  
The Viscount Whitelaw  
Lucinda Stafford-Deitsch  
Count Jules Dembinski  
Lord Balfour of Inchrye  
The Late Mr. Garry Weston  
Admiral Sir Jonathon Band  
Selection of Children's Commissions:  
Rufus and Violet Caldecott  
Polly Millner  
Sandy and Celeste Hay  
Oliver Burnand  
Pansy, Maisie, Adam and Benjie Clark  
Caleb, Samuel and Abra Bompas  
life-size figure group for Garthwaite family at Fairstead.
Group Exhibitions   1979 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition  
1982 Drawings at Jonathan Poole Gallery & Bath Festival Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (Portrait of the Artist's Mother interview with Angela Rippon on BBC-2 TV review of the Summer Exhibition)  
1983 Cheltenham Festival of Music  
1984 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition  
1986 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition  
1987 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Bust of Sir Philip Harris purchased by National Portrait Gallery and exhibited in their 'New Faces' exhibition  
1988 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition,  
Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts  
1989 Crawley & Asquith Gallery  
Jariwala Gallery  
1991 Chelsea Arts Club members at Smith's Gallery, Covent Garden  
1992 Art for Sale, Whiteleys  
1993 Sotheby's in aid of Imperial Cancer Research Fun  
Royal Society of British Sculptors, Chelsea Harbour  
Cadogan Gallery Summer Exhibition  
1994 National Portrait Gallery  
1995 16 portrait commissions incl. Lord Thurlow  
1995 Royal Society of Portrait Painters  
1996 Royal Society of Portrait Painters  
1996 Society of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street  
1996 Series of four large abstract sculptures for main stairway of the Royal Caribbean Lines' new ship `Legend of the Seas'  
1996 Harris Manchester College, Oxford  
1997 Society of Portrait Sculptures, Cork Street  
1997 Rye Festival & Royal Society of British Sculptures  
1998 Society of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street  
1998 Piers Feetham Gallery, Aldeburgh  
1999 Society of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street  
2000 Society of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street  
2001 People's Portraits with Royal Society of Portrait Painters  
Society of Portrait Sculptors  
Amdean Gallery  
2002 Society of Portrait Sculptors  
2003 Society of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street  
2004 Society of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street  
2005 Society of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street  
Cadogan Contemporary Art, Hampshire exhibition  
Lecture for Society of Portrait Sculptors at National Portrait Gallery
Solo Exhibitions   1994 One-man show Sculptures & Drawings at Cadogan Contemporary  
1996 Head of Lord Thurlow exhibited Royal Society of Portrait Painters Bust of Rumer Godden exhibited Society of Portrait Sculptors, Cork Street Series of four large abstract sculptures for main stairway of the Royal Caribbean Lines' new ship `Legend of the Seas' Statue of Capt.  
Charles Harris, M.C. for Harris Manchester College, Oxford  
2005 Portrait group of Lowther children installed at Holdenby House, Northamptonshire

Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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