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Peter Monkman

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Portfolio for Peter Monkman - Commissionaportrait

I aim to deal with an individual's identity relating to self and a broader context e.g family and society. My portraits may be produced for an individual or as part as a series relating to an engagement with an institution, for example 'Face Value' consisted of 21 portraits of adolescents drawing attention to the way we value and categorise identities in schools.
Birth date   8-5-64
Introduction   Born 1964 brought up in County Durham  
Director of Art Charterhouse, Surrey
Education   1992-4 MA Art and Design University of London  
1986 - 87 Art and Design PGCE University of Liverpool  
1982-85 BA (hons) Visual Arts University of Lancaster
Awards   2004 Eastern Open 'postcard art' award selected by Prof, Crowley (RCA)  
2001 Drawing Prize Eastern Open selected by Prof. Hemsworth (Goldsmiths)  
2000 Most Popular in Show It's Your Turn Kettle's Yard  
1999, 1995, 1994 First Prize PEG Regional Open Peterborough Museum and  
Art Gallery.  
1996 2nd Prize photographic competition Lauderdale House, Highgate London
Selected Commissions   2005 Chaterhouse House master  
2004 - Halberstam family  
2002 - 3 - 'Face Value' Wrenn School  
2002 - Paintings of Dew Barrymore for fan web site
Group Exhibitions   2009  
Threadneedle Prize for figurative art, Mall Galleries  
BP Portrait Awards, first prize, National Portrait Gallery  
Uncanny Likeness , Ovada, Oxford.  
Depentendency. 53rd Venice Biennal Isola della Certosa, Venice  
Jerwood Drawing Prize - Jerwood Space, London and National tour  
Save a Baby Auction - Dorchester Hotel, London  
Charterhouse at Panter and Hall - Panter and Hall London  
Singer Friedlander/ Sunday Time water colour exhibition Mall London  
2005 and 2002  
Future Face Science Museum  
Home Ideal Show Hotbath Gallery Bath  
London Art Fair, London  
BP Portrait Awards National Portrait Gallery London (tour Aberdeen Art Gallery)  
True Nature Phoenix Art Gallery, Brighton  
Paint Wills Art Warehouse Fulham London  
Affordable Art fair New York, USA  
Art Crazy Nation (part of Alan Kane'sTo Let installation) MKG, Milton Keynes  
Art Miami International Art Fair  
Glasgow Art Fair  
Art on Paper Royal College of Art, London  
Ideal Homes exhibition Olympia  
6th Anniversary Show Will's Art Warehouse Fulham, London  
Eastern Open Kings Lynn Arts Centre  
C21 Bankside Gallery London  
BP Portrait Awards National Portrait Gallery London, tour Millennium  
Galleries Sheffield  
Drawing on our Past Angel Row Nottingham  
MODE Business Design Centre London  
Paint Wills Art Warehouse, London  
Anniversary Show (most popular artists) Wills Art Warehouse, London  
Eastern open Kings Lynn Arts Centre, Norfolk  
Drawings for All Gainsborough's House , Sudbury (also 1999)  
Disaster!! Gallery Fresh Greenwich, London  
It's your turn Kettle's Yard Cambridge  
Transfiguration Roadmenders Northampton  
Raw Talent Will's Art Warehouse London  
Eastern Open King's Lynn Arts Centre  
BP Portrait Awards N.P.G. London tour Aberdeen  
Proud Gallery W1 London. Drawing installation for auction  
Norwich Arts Centre photographic exhibition  
Edinburgh Festival Royal Common Wealth Institute (with Proud  
The Castle Arts Centre, Northants.  
PEG Regional Open Peterborough Museum and Art Gallery  
Artists of Promise Wills Art Warehouse London  
Drawings for All Gainsborough's House, Sudbury  
Pure Thoughts Sackville Gallery, W1 London  
Group Show Sackville Gallery London  
Summer Exposure Proud Gallery, London  
Visual Assault, Old Music Hall, Brick lane London  
1997 Jim Jams Simon Clark Gallery (miniature touring exhibition in box)  
National Photographic competition Lauderdale House, Highgate, London  
Open Onsite Gallery Northampton  
1996 International exhibiting group Rue De Bercy, Paris
Solo Exhibitions   2008 Changing Face - Watts Gallery Compton Surrey  
2006 Drawings - Charterhouse  
2004 (Sept.) Private/State Charterhouse Gallery, Charterhouse school Surrey - to come  
2003 Face Value; Wrenn portrait project GALLERY@ wrenn Northants  
2002 Face Value (joint with Alexa Wright) Peterborough Museum and Art  
2001 Channel Surfing King's Lynn Arts Centre tour.  
Alsager Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University  
2000 Drawing on Time Museum of Modern Art Oxford ( lower gallery) main  
exhibition Michaelangelo Pistaletto  
1998 Domestic Doodles Sackville Gallery,W1 London  
1996 Bromham Mill, Bedford

Statement      During the first meeting of several hours I will find out what the sitter/s require.Several digital photos may be taken to share ideas on pose,colours and composition.The next meeting will be for several hours in which a few sketches will bemade and photographs will be taken. The paintings will then be completedfrom photographs. Depending on the scale and ambitions of the painting other brief visits may be made to gather more details and negotiate a finaloutcome. I am willing to work with individuals, families, institutions and Businesses, film and television.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    No
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Portrait Format:
  Head and Shoulders   From £ 6000    $10000
Half LengthFrom £ 8000 $13500
3/4 LengthFrom £ 8000 $13500
Full LengthFrom £ 15000 $25000
Double PortraitFrom £ 9000 $15000
Group PortraitFrom £ 20000 $33500
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
“The freshest looking image reflects a recent vogue for emblems of warped  
childhood. Peter Monkman’s ‘Joe-boy’ - an orange baby with an old man's face is petite, astute and darkly amusing.” Martin Herbert, Time Out (on BP  
Portrait Awards 1999)  
Elaine Williams A Brush with the Elite, Times Educational Supplement April  
11th 2003  
London Diary, Our man in Fleet Street, 'Artists Doodles Bring Fame and  
Fortune' The Courier and Advertiser April 5th 2003  
Michael Baird, The Weekly News (National tabloid), Feature, December  
John Windsor, 'Cash Collections', Observer 6th October 2002  
Barbara Davidson, The Argus (Brighton daily), October 2002  
Pushing Boundaries of Art in schools AND. (NSEAD) April 2002  
John Vincent, 'Artists Whose Stocks May Rise', Independent 9th August  
Martin Herbert, Time Out, Sept. 22 - 29th 1999  
Rachel Campbell Johnson “Face that stands out in the Crowd”, Art Section, The Times June 1999  
Martin Gayford 'The Freudian Tendency', Arts Section, Daily Telegraph  
June 1999  
Artists Newsletter, Oct. 1999 and November 2002