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David Downes

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Caversham House - BBC Monitoring, Reading

Caversham House - BBC Monitoring, Reading
Woodnorten Hall, Evesham

Woodnorten Hall, Evesham
BBC Leeds

BBC Leeds
Alexandra Palace

Alexandra Palace
Manchester City Hall

Manchester City Hall
Highbury Stadium

Highbury Stadium
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Portfolio for David Downes - Commissionaportrait

David completed an MA at the Royal College of Art in communication design in 1996 and has since worked on a range of projects, from landscapes and drawings to a major commission for the BBC. In September 1999 he set out to record the BBC’s most important architecture at the turn of the century. In June 2000 he became artist in-residence to BBC Heritage. In 2000 David’s life and career were the subject of a book written by Shelia Pain titled ‘Artists Emerging’ which explores the mysteries of drawing fluency through the work of seven artists. David lives and works in London and is available for architectural drawings and paintings and landscapes.
Birth date   1971
Education   MA in communication Design - The Royal College of Art, London  
PGD in Narrative Sequential Illustration – Brighton University  
HND in Commercial Illustration – Anglia University
Selected Commissions   Hodges and Associates  
BBC Heritage  
Land Registry
Group Exhibitions   1999- Royal West of England Show, Bristol  
1998 - Crisp National of Young Cartoonists and Graphic Artists, London  
1998 - Scenes of Islington, London  
1994 - Café Society, London  
1995/6 - Folio Society, London  
1996 - Royal College of Art, London
Solo Exhibitions   2001 - BBC’s White City Conference Centre Gallery, London  
1999 - ‘London Scenes’, Fox Reform Wine Bar, London
Artist's Statement   “My work is about drawing and painting on the spot, to capture the feeling and atmosphere of architecture and landscape. I find by being in front of a building or within landscapes I can add more of a personal stamp to my work. This, for example, is what I have been doing for the BBC Heritage and the Land Registry. I am always continuing to develop my work: varying compositions, experimenting more by adding people and striving to give the work a narrative dimension. My preferred media is pen and ink and acrylic although I also enjoy working in oil.”

Statement      David can work on site or from photographs and can usually complete a commission within a week.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
BuildingsFrom £ 700 $1000
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
“I gave David the near impossible task to record for posterity a sense of the scale and majesty of some of the BBC’s finest buildings. David is adding a new dimension to the BBC’s heritage and building up our collection for the future.”  
— The late Justin Philips, Head of Heritage for the BBC  
“The full extent of David Downes’ achievement as a mature professional remains to be seen. He has studied alongside the most able of art students and in the footsteps of the eminent: Henry Moore, David Hockney and other who achieved international status during their lifetimes. Whatever his ultimate achievement, it cannot now be insignificant and in the light of his history, it is already remarkable.”  
— ‘Artists Emerging: Sustaining Expression Through Drawing’, Sheila Paine, Ashgate, 2000.