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David Risk Kennard

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Portfolio for David Risk Kennard - Commissionaportrait

Birth date   1 nov 1953
Introduction   David Risk Kennard is an internationally recognised painter specialising in oil glazing technique for landscapes and reed pen with watercolours for his architecture.  
"David works within a visionary tradition of English painting leading from earlier artists such as Samuel Palmer to the more recent Nash brothers. His work epitomises a heightened sense of reality and the fleeting, bucolic moment of pastoral idyll." Alpha Gallery, Sherborne Sept 06
Education   1953 Born and brought up at Guiting Power, Gloucestershire.  
Educated at Marlborough College  
1972 - 76 Gloucestershire College of Art and Design  
Bristol College of Art ( 1st class Hons.)  
1977 - 80 Postgraduate studies, London and Paris
Awards   1982 Arts Council Purchase Prize, Cheltenham Society of Artists
Selected Commissions   Regular annual commissions in both portrait and house portraits and more recently a large ceiling.  
2003 - double portrait oil on canvas. Client - couple with London in background to show this is their London appartment.  
2004 - Ceiling commission - AnAllegory of Love - 18feet diametre on domed ceiling. Location Knightsbridge, London  
2004 - Lndscape commission in oil on canvas.  
2005 - House portrait commission in ink with watercolou  
r2006 Landscape commission - Wynyards Gap, Dorset  
2006 Portrait and House commission, Wiltshire
Group Exhibitions   1992 - 1998 Henley regatta exhibition  
2001 Mixed show:Derek Johns Fine Art, St Jamesí, London SW1  
2003 Affordable Art Fair with the Mae Gallery, Battersea Park  
2003 Town Mill Lyme Regis  
2006 Wykeham Gallery, Stockbridge  
2006 September Alpha Gallery, Sherborne, Dorset
Solo Exhibitions   1986 Devizes Museum. 18th Century Gardens of Wiltshire.  
1988 Travellers Club, London. Paintings of Albania and Istanbul  
1990 - 1996 Artist in Residence, Garsington Opera.  
1994/5/6 Archeus Fine Art, Albemarle Street, London W1  
1994/5 Jerram Gallery, Salisbury  
1997 The Sloane Club, London / Tolbooth Centre, Kirkcudbright  
1998 Grosvenor House, London / Bourne Fine Art, Edinburgh  
1999/2001 Daphne Johns Contemporary Art, London SW1 / Birmingham University  
2000 Dorset County Museum, Dorchester.  
2002/3 Archeus Fine Art, Albemarle Street, London W1  
2002 Sherborne, Oliver Holt Gallery  
2003/4/5 Beaminster Festival  
2003/4 London Garden Squares,  
2006 Mayfair, London solo Show

Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From £ 800    $1500
(price per square foot)
From £ 15000 $30000
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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