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Isabel Alvarez

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Portfolio for Isabel Alvarez - Commissionaportrait

I was born in Madrid in 1976 and did my art studies at the “Fine Arts Faculty of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid”. At the end of my BA course in 2003, I moved to London to finish my painting studies at the Camberwell College of Arts. I currently live and work in London. My painting reflects my own sensitivity, and particularly in portraiture, it reflects also the way I perceive the sensitivity of the model. There is a feeling of introspection about the sitters, the characters look thoughtful and immersed into their own world, the portraits are somehow psychological. Portraiture is my main subject of research in art, I paint portraits both through commissions and for my own personal work; some of the more remarkable commissions I've carried out in the last years are the ones of Catherine Poirson, Max Benezeth and Elena Gallego. I participated in many collective exhibitions in Spain and the UK, some of which I curated. I had my first solo exhibition in Madrid's Torrelaguna Arts Centre in 2006.
Birth date   28/12/1976
Education   1994 - Foundation in Art and Design: “La Palma” College of Arts and Crafts - Madrid, Spain  
1995 - Overall GCE Advanced - Madrid, Spain  
1996 - AVCE Mural Design: “La Palma” College of Arts and Crafts - Madrid, Spain  
1996 - BA (Honours) Fine Art: Facultad de Bellas Artes de la “Universidad Complutense de Madrid” (UCM) - Madrid, Spain  
2003 - BA Painting: Camberwell College of Arts - London, UK
Selected Commissions   2000 - Margarita Alcande Portrait  
2002 - Elena Gallego Portrait  
2005 - Catherine Poirson Portrait  
2006 - Max Benezeth Portrait  
2006 - “Artefacto ltd” art suppliers' Commissioned Artist
Group Exhibitions   1998 - Commemorative mural. “La Palma College of Arts and Crafts” - Madrid, Spain  
1999 - Final Year Project Show. “La Palma College of Arts and Crafts” - Madrid, Spain  
1999 - Painting Competition - “En Torno al Prado” - Madrid, Spain  
2000 - National Painting Competition “XII Certamen Nacional de Pintura” - Madrid, Spain  
2001 - ”Miradas”. Facultad de Bellas Artes (UCM) - Madrid, Spain  
2002 - BA Painting competition of the Facultad de Bellas Artes (UCM) - Madrid, Spain  
2003 - Final Year Project Show “X3”: Camberwell College of Arts - London, UK  
2005 - “Maze Self” :(co-curator) St Pancras Church's Crypt - London, UK
Solo Exhibitions   2006 - Solo exhibition in Torrelaguna Comunity Centre - Madrid, Spain
Artist's Statement   My paintings are the product of direct observation; I like to grasp sensations or feelings that the objects inspire to me, and I do it through analysis, representation and sometimes close-ups of certain details, especially the faces.  
I work mainly with oil painting, a medium that allows me to express the feeling I've got about the look of the world. I use a quite clear palette, soft tones emphasized by some bright colours help me to create the warm atmosphere that suits my style of painting.

Statement      I work both from life and photographs. I use a couple of sessions to establish contact with the sitter and to make drafts in order to get an idea about the composition, the values and the tonalities of the painting. During this process I usually take pictures of the model. I then start to work on the painting from life for another two, three, or four sessions, as required. I ultimately carry on the work on my own until it's finished.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From £ 400    $800
  Head and Shoulders   From £ 1500    $2900
Half LengthFrom £ 2000 $3800
3/4 LengthFrom £ 2500 $4800
Full LengthFrom £ 3000 $5900
Group PortraitFrom £ 5000 $9000
AnimalsFrom £ 800 $1600
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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