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Adam Hahn

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El Tio Paquette

El Tio Paquette
Head Study

Head Study
Whistler Study

Whistler Study
Laughing Fool

Laughing Fool
A Young Bobo

for sale
A Young Bobo £800.00

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Portfolio for Adam Hahn - Commissionaportrait

A successful portrait must present more than a physical likeness. As the artist I feel it is essential to portray the sitter's character bringing the portrait to life and give the work its soul. I look for a definitive glance or expression that portrays a sitter's individuality, making a portrait unique. The use of a limited palette allows the viewers attention to be drawn more to the subtleties of the work.
Birth date   27/04/1979
Introduction   Residencies:  
2001-2002 Artist in Residence at St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, Glasgow  
2002 Prado, Madrid  
Frisiras Museum for Contemporary Painting, Athens, Greece  
Glasgow Museum and Art Galleries  
Apthorp Foundation, London  
Chaville Foundation, France
Education   1997 Middlesex University, Foundation Studies  
1998-01 Glasgow School of Art, BA Hons Fine Art  
2000 Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design, Prague
Awards   2000 Winner, Emerging Artist Award, Glasgow  
2002 Richard Ford Award, The Royal Academy, London & The Prado, Madrid  
2002 Artist in Residence, St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, Glasgow  
2002 Apthorp Fund for Young Artists, London  
2004 Chaville Fund for Young Artists, France
Selected Commissions   2004 Alexander Stevenson  
2005 Divia Lalvani  
2006 Sir James Crsoby  
2007 Lord Dennis Stevenson  
2007 Sir William Castell  
2007 Anthony Salz  
2007 John Rose  
2007 Sir Crispin Davis  
2007 Tom Glocer  
2007 Simon Robertson
Group Exhibitions   2000 BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London  
2001 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London  
2001 New Generations, Compass Gallery, Glasgow  
2002 BP Portrait Award, National Portrait Gallery, London  
2002 Our Choice, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow  
2003 Headstrong, Bedford Row, London  
2003 Anthropography, Frissiras Museum for Contemporary Painting, Athens, Greece  
2004 Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London  
2005 Face Value, Chelsea Art Gallery, Palo Alto, San Francisco, USA  
2005 Intimate Relations, Woburn Art Gallery, London
Solo Exhibitions   2003 Los Amos, The Arts Centre, Hertfordshire

Statement      Portrait commissions usually require one or two sittings. At the first sitting I like to discuss the portrait with the client and take a series of photographs. If I have an image that will transfer successfully as a painting I will send it to the client for their approval. If they are not happy with the image, or if I feel I have not captured a ‘true’ image of the sitter’s character, a second sitting is required. Drawings may be made but the sitting’s are primarily photographic.  
The commission process usually takes between 2-3 months.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From £ 500    $1000
  Head and Shoulders   From £ 1500    $3000
Half LengthFrom £ 2000 $3900
3/4 LengthFrom £ 2500 $4900
Full LengthFrom £ 3000 $5900
Double PortraitFrom £ 2500 $4900
Group PortraitFrom £ 3500 $6900
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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