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Evelyne Otis-Rosimiro

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Floria, the Prima Donna of Paris Carnaval

Floria, the Prima Donna of Paris Carnaval
Felix Charpentier with President Deschanel

Felix Charpentier with President Deschanel
Portrait of Gianmarco with his Dog

Portrait of Gianmarco with his Dog
The Three Generations

The Three Generations
Marc and Selma

Marc and Selma
Portrait of Giuseppe Valdengo, Opera Singer

Portrait of Giuseppe Valdengo, Opera Singer
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Portfolio for Evelyne Otis-Rosimiro - Commissionaportrait

Evelyne Otis-Rosimiro is a Parisian painter and portraitist. She hails from the union of two extremely distinguished families. Her father - from who she learnt her trade - was the great Bolognese painter Cesare Bacchi, one of the leading portraitists in Europe during the first half of the twentieth century. He painted notably the King of Italy, Vittorio Emmanuele III. Between 1910 and 1939 his paintings were exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris, where he was awarded the Gold Medal in 1938 for his portrait of the poet Paul Verlaine. Bacchi is listed in the prestigious encyclopaedia of art, the Benezit, as is his wife, Tanette Otis, the mother of Evelyne. Through her mother, Evelyne is the direct descendant of the Otis family, Boston, among which number a series of great patriots, politicians and statesmen. To name just three of her famous ancestors, one could cite James Otis, one of the intellectual giants of the American Revolution; Harrison Gray Otis, the third mayor of Boston; and Elisha Graves Otis, the inventor of the safety elevator. Bathed in the world of art from her childhood, Evelyne quite naturally inherited the artistic talents of her parents. An early interest was the study of Japanese art, which she was personally taught by one of the aunts of the Emperor of Japan, Hiro Hito. Following in her father’s footsteps, she exhibited her work at the Salon des Artistes Français. She then worked for the Parisian gallery Rohan, on the Place du Palais Royal. For sixteen years, painting on silk, she provided cushions, lampshades, scarves and screens for the “Boite à Bijoux”, on the Rue de Rennes in Paris. In 1997 she painted an impressive altarpiece for the church of Saint-Lubin de Chassant. Forty huge paintings of hers have been specially commissioned by a collector of Saint Paul de Vence, for his villa in the South of France. Landscapes, still lives and flowers are frequently represented in her work, and she has sold literally hundreds of beautiful paintings.
Birth date   N/A
Education   Evelyne was taught her art from her father Cesare Bacchi, the great Italian portraitist. Among those from whom he received commissions were the King of Italy, the Baron of Rio Branco, the Ambassador of Brazil, Marshall Tito, and the Marquis of Medici.  
In addition, Bacchi painted a whole host of princesses, ambassadors, statesmen, military leaders, musicians and opera singers as well as many children of the social elite.  
The techniques of such a great portraitist are largely lost to the contemporary world, but survive in the work of Evelyne Otis-Rosimiro.
Awards   Prix d'Honneur - Salon des Artistes Français  
Caillebotte Award
Selected Commissions   Eric François, Global Head of Aviation and Structured Leasing, ING Bank.  
Family of Patrick Pelletier de Chambure, Managing Director, Head of Tax and Financial Engineering, CIC Bank, Paris.  
Jean-Jacques Hanine, Paris lawyer  
Xavier Rissellet, Paris lawyer  
Senator Lebreton  
Dr. Hubert, Mayor of Brou.  
Giuseppe Valdengo, opera singer (favourite baritone of Toscanini)  
Alessandra Ruffini, opera singer  
Emma Borgi, opera singer  
Guy Bochet, opera singer  
Floria Rosimiro, the Prima Donna of the Venetian Carnaval of Paris
Group Exhibitions   2005 – painting of the Madonna for the church of Etroubles, in the Valle d’Aosta in the Italian Alps. The work is permanently displayed as part of the open-air exhibition of the village of Etroubles, uniting many artists of national and international repute. Thousands of visitors have been attracted to the occasion.  
2003 - exhibition in Avignon devoted to the famous French sculptor, Félix Charpentier. Evelyne painted a fresco of Charpentier in his workshop, surrounded by famous personalities of the time, including the President of the French Republic, Paul Deschanel.
Solo Exhibitions   Over the years Evelyne has had many successful exhibitions in Paris and the French provinces.
Artist's Statement   My technique is of the classic Italian school, inherited from my Bolognese father. Nevertheless, I enjoy working in a wide variety of styles. From the classical pose of the banker and lawyer, through the more intimate family portrait, to something more theatrical or fantastic, I adapt to the taste of my subject. Children are a speciality of mine, as are pets.

Statement      I paint exclusively in oil. This ensures the best possible quality, and means that the portraits are guaranteed to last for several generations. Working from a photograph is not a problem. I am usually able to provide quality frames, artistically chosen, as part of the price. I have family connections in the UK (Berkshire), so am occasionally in England.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Head and Shoulders   From £ 890    $null
Half LengthFrom £ 990 $null
3/4 LengthFrom £ 1100 $null
Full LengthFrom £ 1450 $null
Double PortraitFrom £ 1780 $null
Group PortraitFrom £ 3500 $null
AnimalsFrom £ 850 $null
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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Press Quotes
Serge Colombani, Arioso International, No. 32, June 2005- May 2006.  
“… Evelyne ROSIMIRO, excels in the art of the portrait.  
She has painted on several occasions the portrait of the opera singer Emma BORGI and succeeded in capturing with a startling exactitude the extreme gentleness of her features, the sensitivity that made of her a unique woman.  
Having known her personally towards the end of her life, I can affirm that – even in her nineties – her shining eyes possessed an impishness and a charm to which I could not but succumb…  
Emma Borgi was not just the voice of a coloratura soprano, a voice of angelic purity, she was full of good humour, kind and charmingly gentle, intelligent, intuitive, sparkling with wit, and with a mischievous look that instantly judged you at a glance. All of these so subtle details, which would remain hidden to most classical artists, Evelyne Rosimiro has managed to capture them in her supreme art; she has known how to translate with her skilful brush everything which contributed towards the unspeakable charm of this absolutely unique face. In a word, she has succeeded in giving a soul to this woman who knew how to be an enchantress all her life, and this soul is now captured for a part of eternity…  
As for the portrait of Guido BOCHET painted when he was younger, I feel compelled to confess that here too Evelyne Rosimiro has succeeded in perceiving and capturing all the romanticism, and the benevolence in the expression of this kind man.  
There is equally a magnificent painting of the famous Italian baritone Giuseppe VALDENGO – the favoured singer of the legendary and fiery conductor TOSCANINI - portrayed in the larger-than-life character of Falstaff. What an extraordinary realisation of the famous pancione!  
In this royal gallery of portraits I was also able to admire unreservedly that of my friend Jean-Jacques HANINE, the inspired organiser of many opera concerts…  
Decidedly, this ROSIMIRO family is constituted of exceptional artists, with a father who is an Italian tenor, a mother who is a radiant portrait painter, and a daughter who is as gifted a singer as she is a painter”.