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Donald MacDonald

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Quiet Battle

Quiet Battle
Wrapped in the sea of Galson

Wrapped in the sea of Galson
Donella and her book

for sale
Donella and her book £2800.00

Broken Heart

Broken Heart
The flying Scot

The flying Scot
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Portfolio for Donald MacDonald - Commissionaportrait

portrait painter and photorealistic artist
Birth date   5th April 1976
Introduction   Donald was born on the Isle of lewis in 1976 and after a short time in the Scottish Infantry he moved to Aberdeen and gained a BA Hons degree in Fine Art. After living and painting in Denmark and Glasgow for several years he returned home to the Isle of Lewis where he is now based.  
His work is held in various private collections in Denmark, Hong Kong, Israel and the USA and in 2009 he was one of only three Scottish artists to feature in the BP Portrait Prize Award Exhibition.
Education   1995-1999 BA Hons Degree Fine Art-Grays School of Art
Selected Commissions   2004 - Commissioned to create a painting for the First Minister of Scotland  
2008-shortlisted for Standard Chartered Commission 2008  
2009-shortlisted for Mead Johnson Nutritional Commission USA  
2009-scottish representitive for johnson nutritional international exhibition
Group Exhibitions   2001-spirit of life -cafe mekur-copenhagen  
2002-2 man show-scotlandart  
2002-glasgow art fair  
2003-glasgow art fair  
2003-london affordable art fair  
2004-group exhibition-scotlandart  
2004-commissioned presentation to the first  
minister of scotland  
2004-scotland on sunday home supplement  
2005-dublin art fair  
2005-group show-scotlandart  
2006-group show-karen taylor gallery  
2006-group show-scotlandart  
2006-one man show-edinburgh scotlandart  
2007-spring selection show-glasgow  
2007-london art fair  
2007-house of beauly-ealain gallery  
2007-loch lomond golf club-private event-ealain  
2007-barclays scottish open-loch lomond-ealain  
2008-london art fair  
2008-glasgow art fair  
2008-homes and interiors magazine  
2008-six figures-scotlandart edinburgh  
2008-amsterdam art fair  
2008-edinburgh art art fair  
2008-glasgow herald article  
2008-shortlisted for Standard Chartered Commission 2008  
2009-shortlisted for Mead Johnson Nutritional Commission USA  
2009-scottish representitive for johnson nutritional international exhibition  
2009-London Art Fair  
2009-BP portrait Prize Exhibition, National Portrait Gallery, London  
2010-Summer Exhibition, Blackheath Gallery  
2010-In Your Face, Blackheath Gallery  
2011-The Scottish Show, Oakham Gallery
Artist's Statement   "My work is based around photorealism I find it increasingly important not to limit my subject matter. I find that I can push myself and my work much further by painting different subjects under different conditions. I always strive for my work to remain fresh by developing it and constantly moving it forward."  
"I have a very keen interest in the contrasts between the deliberate nature of photorealism and the more accidental side of expressionism and how the two can work together on the same canvas. How runs of paint can transofrm a technically photorealistic object. It fascinates me how these opposites can create something 'else', something new. I think it is very important for my work to create emotion and 'feeling' for the viewer, to be able to work on different leve

Statement      As my work is based on photorealism I can work from photographs that you have taken but if you require a sitting then that can also be organised.


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From 1000    $null
  Head and Shoulders   From 2700    $null
Half LengthFrom 2700 $null
3/4 LengthFrom 3000 $null
Double PortraitFrom 5000 $null
Group PortraitFrom 7000 $null
BuildingsFrom 2500 $null
AnimalsFrom 1500 $null
WildlifeFrom 2700 $null
MaritimeFrom 2700 $null
InteriorsFrom 2700 $null
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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