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Alexander Debenham

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Portfolio for Alexander Debenham - Commissionaportrait

Portrait Painter and Artist
Birth date   18 July 1983
Education   2013 - 2015 Charles H. Cecil Studios, Florence
Awards   2015 - Most Popular Work in Show, 56th Essex Open Exhibition
Group Exhibitions   2013 - Geedon Gallery, Colchester  
2015 - 56th Essex Open Exhibition, Southend  
2015 - Geedon, Gallery, Colchester  
2015 - Hunter Gallery, Long Melford  
2015 - Firstsite Open Exhibition, Colchester  
2015 - Swan Gallery, Harwich  
2015 - Highgate Contemporary, London  
2016 - Hunter Gallery, Long Melford
Artist's Statement   I have always aimed to strike the best balance between artistic flair and an accurate representation of reality. As such, my greatest source of inspiration comes from 18th century British portraiture, as practised by Reynolds, Lawrence, Romney, Gainsborough and Raeburn. Paintings from this era exhibit far more character, technical mastery and feeling than modern photorealistic painting whilst at the same time imparting a better sense of reality at a distance. I am very pleased to have studied under Charles Cecil in Florence and to be part of a direct artistic lineage dating back to the Renaissance.  
I love painting and I am proud to dedicate my life to its study. Not only can oil portraits be beautiful, powerful and moving, but they also have the unique ability to capture the personality and cognition of both artist and sitter alike. In the modern era, commissioning a classical portrait is something very special.

Statement      I work primarily from life using the sight-size technique. Portraits are painted by viewing both sitter and canvas at sufficient distance to give the most accurate representation of reality. The origins of this practice date back to the late Renaissance and it was heavily employed over the centuries by masters such as Velázquez, Van Dyck, Lawrence and Sargent.  
I will generally require at least five 2.5 hour sittings to complete a single portrait. Although it is always my preference to work from life, in some circumstances it is possible to work from photographs (taken by the artist).


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From £ 400    $null
  Head and Shoulders   From £ 1250    $null
Half LengthFrom £ 1650 $null
3/4 LengthFrom £ 2100 $null
Full LengthFrom £ 2600 $null
Double PortraitFrom £ 2200 $null
Group PortraitFrom £ 3000 $null
BuildingsFrom £ 1200 $null
AnimalsFrom £ 1200 $null
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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