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John Raynes

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Jenny Agutter on stage in Love's Labour Lost

Jenny Agutter on stage in Love's Labour Lost
Anthony Andrews

Anthony Andrews
Sheila Raynes

Sheila Raynes
Mohammed and Family

Mohammed and Family
Self Portrait in Studio

Self Portrait in Studio
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Portfolio for John Raynes - Commissionaportrait

After studying painting at St Albans School of Art and The Royal College of Art, John Raynes spent the next 35 years pursuing a successful illustration practice, commissioned to draw and paint by a huge number of clients including, Readers Digest, Marks and Spencer, the Guardian and Penguin Books. In combination with this practice there was an extensive involvement with teaching, firstly at Twickenham School of Art, then Somerset College of Art and Redruth School of Art. The nineties marked his return to full-time painting with a special interest in the human figure and portraiture. John Raynes has also written eleven instructional books on drawing, painting and human anatomy.
Birth date   1929
Education   St Albans School of Art  
The Royal College of Art
Selected Commissions   Jenny Agutter  
Sir Alec Guiness  
Anthony Andrews  
Michael Crawford  
Sheila Raynes  
Jane Grey  
Philip and Jacquie Stoyle  
Robert and Daniel Gardner
Group Exhibitions   Mall Galleries  
Royal Society of Portrait Painters
Solo Exhibitions   Galeriea Internacional de Arts, Faro, Portugal  
Sherbourne, UK  
Bridgewater, UK  
Falmouth, UK  
Uzes, France  
Abu Dahbi  
Artist's Statement   I have great admiration for the portraits of Velasquez, Rembrandt, Manet, Schiele, Sutherland, and Lucien Freud. I think portraits must be, by definition, more or less figurative, but able to communicate other aspects of the sitter than merely their physical appearance at the time of sitting. In addition, a good portrait should, by its composition and scale, excite the viewer to whom the sitter may not be known.

Statement      "Ideally I require three, four, five or more sittings to complete the portrait entirely from life although I can, if necessary, work from photographs alone. In this case I prefer to take the necessary photos myself, simulating natural light by the use of softbox strobe lighting equipment with which I can travel. Framing is not normally included in the price but I can either offer quotes for my own service or give advice."


Travel nationally    Yes
Travel internationally    Yes
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Portrait Format:
  Drawings   From 600    $900
  Head and Shoulders   From 2000    $3000
Half LengthFrom 3000 $4500
3/4 LengthFrom 4000 $6000
Full LengthFrom 5000 $7500
Double PortraitFrom 4000 $6000
Group PortraitFrom 5000 $7500
The Prices quoted are for the standard mediums of oil on canvas and bronze
(in the case of sculpture).
For other media, prices may vary, please enquire directly with us for more specific quotes.
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