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 Artist Noticeboard - Commissionaportrait

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Nick Roberson
Nick is one of the only portrait artists working in stone in the UK today.  
He specialises in Italian marble and indigenous British stone but also works in Bronze. He studied sculpture and stone carving as part of a formal apprenticeship and is involved in new sculptural commissions as well as restoration projects. Nick is greatly influenced by the Classical European portrait carving tradition and travels widely to study the form.  
1983 studied Art and Design in Eastbourne College under artist John Meadows. 1986 studied sculpture at Sheffield University. 1994 Specialising in figurative carving he completed his stone carving qualifications at Weymouth and Portland College. After graduating he joined a heritage restoration company working closely with English Heritage on listed buildings and monuments. In 2000 Nick began a three year period working for Hollywood movie company Warner Brothers as a sculptor developing new projects with director Tim Burton. This culminated in seven of his sculptures being seen on screen in the film ‘Corpse Bride’. His portrait work brings together his artistic, craft and technical training and experience. Nick’s preferred media are stone, clay and bronze. He now runs his own busy carving studio.
Terry Nutkins