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Printing Portraits

Portrait prints can be ordered from the original painting or drawing that you have commissioned. The portrait prints are printed using the giclee printing technique, which results in the closest texture to the original. Portrait printing can be placed on to a canvas or high quality artists paper in any size. Our clients often ask us how they can make a copy of the orignal painting so that they can offer a copy or copies to other members of the family or to friends. Up until recently a photopgraphic reproduction was the only choice available.

This method was expensive and the quality was never good enough to give the impression that it was the original. Now we have far more advanced technology and Giclée Prints are the most professional type of print on offer.

Giclée Printing
Unlikely though it may sound Giclée comes from the French verb gicler - to splash, to squirt. And this is because the ink is squirted through fine jets on to the paper. The whole process is computer-controlled with an amazing degree of accuracy. It is so revoloutionary that I would defy anyone quickly to determine which is the original. This exciting new technology is transforming the fine art print world and although it is fairly new in England it is well established in the USA where virtually all prints are now being produced by the Giclée process.
What is involved?
Firstly you will have to have the original portrait painting converted into a digital image. This would mean having the transparency or a digital image made for any portrait that is over A3 size otherwise the portrait could be scanned.
The image will then be printed to what ever size you wish, sizes start from A4 to 40 x 50in. and can be larger
A proof will be sent to you on request
We can have the original sent to you or we could have it framed
There is a choice of thick card, watercolour paper, and canvas
Samples can be sent before you commit to this
The prints can be deliverd in poster tubes or if framed, they can be packaged and sent by courier
The prices start from 200 for an A4 size.
To enquire about having your portrait reproduced as a Giclée Print please e-mail us or call us directly at Tel: 44 (0) 207 921 9704

Free Advice

We offer free advice either at our office, located near Tate Modern on the telephone, or at your home. With any of these options we can help you go through the list of our artists and help you arrive at the most appropriate artist of your choice. There are many benefits; in particular we can see the interior of your home and give more specific advice on the type of portrait that would best suit your requirements with a better knowledge of your own personal lifestyle.
We are willing to come to your home free of charge for those of you who live within and close to, the M25 radius. For others we would charge our travel expenses. You can call us to make an appointment - Tel: 0207 921 9704 /9708.